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Is ON! One of our most popular programs, these online classes teach personal and professional skills that will last you a lifetime. How to think strategically, communicate effectively, manage finance and much more. (Psst—it’s free for members!)

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International students!

If you’re planning to practice in the U.S., we’ve got a virtual learning series focused on how international medical graduates will be evaluated, best practices for Match prep, Step exam review, interview skills, rotations, and more.

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Perks, Discounts & Offers

Because med school fees are everywhere, we offer discounts + perks such as test prep discounts; free, online counseling; learning resources & more.

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A Mighty Network

From medical students to residents to practicing physicians—AMSA serves as an incubator for career development through all stages of professional development.

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Membership Leaders

AMSA is powered by a mighty community. And it’s run by Membership Leaders: communicators, catalysts and changemakers. Is this you?

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In over 40 countries and over 300 campuses, check out our global reach—and find your chapter.

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