I’m Jane Salutz — this year’s VP of Membership.
I’m excited to welcome you to AMSA as a Chapter Officer.

Your role here is so important — Chapter Officers serve as the circulatory system for all of AMSA: ensuring that members are informed and inspired — helping us, collectively, realize our goals.

We’ve distilled over seven decades of experience into an easy-to-follow process here that outlines:

  • What your role is
  • How to set up your chapter
  • Tips for keeping things humming, active, effective.

The benefit to you? You learn to lead.
You make friends for life. You become part of something bigger — furthering this critical movement to improve health care.

Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started. We’ve got work to do!

How to start and maintain a thriving Chapter?

The Chapter LaunchPad walks you through the process in 5 easy to steps,
with checklists along the way.


What’s On

Scholarships, learning experiences, advocacy actions — and much more
can be found on this page; refreshed frequently!