Ready, Set, Go!

Chapter Officer Kick-off + Training is so ON

  • Greetings, AMSA Chapter Officers — new and returning!
  • It’s summer — which is a great time to get ready for what’s in store. You’re about to play a critical, and deeply rewarding, role here as a leader. Changemaker. Connector. And we’re here for you.
  • We’ve got new approaches. Ideas. Opportunities. And we can’t wait to kick them off with you. This is AMSA’s Chapter Officer Training 2021 — a mandatory session (only 60-90 minutes) — that will arm you with what you need to know so you can hit the ground running!
  • We’re running this twice, to give you all two opportunities to join:
    • — Wednesday 7/28 at 2 pm ET or
    • — Wednesday 8/4 at 2 pm ET


5 Things to Do.

A little housekeeping in advance of Chapter Officer training

  • These are fast & easy! And you may have already done these, but if not…
    • –> Request a chapter roster
    • –> Bookmark the What’s On? Page — it holds the ROUNDS a monthly newsletter you’ll want to share with your chapters (with special VIP section for COs!)
    • –> Join this Facebook Group for Chapter Officers
  • These may require a little thought — but many of you have already taken care of it. Super important stuff!

School Fair Resources

Fall Fairs are Clutch! It's where we add new members.

  • Promote AMSA on campus — print + post these flyers around campus and help get the word out!
  • Looping Video for IRL “tabling”. You can pull this up on an ipad or laptop to give passersby a sense of what AMSA is, what it stands for. (No audio, meant to loop in a noisy hall, convention room, etc.)
  • This is AMSA video — Inspiring 1-2 minute reel with a few testimonials. Could be shared to potential members as they stop into a virtual “room” or booth, or as part of your follow-up email (Step #4 above).
  • Brochure as PDF for sharing a bit about AMSA, what we stand for and what we offer.
  • Who’s part of our network? Oh, just some of the world’s most renowned physicians, game-changers and experts. This short video showcases some of the speakers from our last convention. 


  • Having an in-person tabling event this year? Email to request some physical items that can be given away.


We’re excited to hear how your school fairs go — and we’re here if you think of something you need that will help. 

Be sure to explore the Chapter Launchpad, too, that walks you through getting your chapter all mobilized and ready for the year ahead.

How to start and maintain a thriving Chapter?

The Chapter LaunchPad walks you through the process in 5 easy to steps,
with checklists along the way.


What’s On

Scholarships, learning experiences, advocacy actions — and much more
can be found on this page; refreshed frequently!