SInce our inception in 1950, AMSA has been guided by a clear mission — one centered on the voice and leadership of our members. It empowers medical students, the next generation of physicians, to lead, advocate and shape policies squarely focused on justice, equity and access. AMSA is governed by a Constitution, guided by student leaders and powered by members.

“We believe that access to quality healthcare is a right, not a privilege.”

Excerpt from AMSA’s Constitution

Constitution and Bylaws

Our governing documents — purpose, principles and processes — that guide all that we do, created over seventy years ago and revised through bylaws over time.

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Strategic Framework

AMSA’s strategic plan channels our energy and resources — ensuring that all that we do serves up to our higher level goals and objectives.

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House of Delegates

Resolutions are a fundamental way in which the members of AMSA express their ownership of the association. Every member’s voice is heard and anyone can change AMSA.

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We’re member-run. Student-led. Led by our Constitution. And supported by a board of directors and key experts and advisors.

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