Because you’ve got the spark. The one that stirs something deep within you, impelling you to study medicine—and to change health care for the better. To become the kind of physician that makes a difference; that realizes meaningful change to better serve people. All people.

We’re thrilled you’re here. Let’s dive in. 

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Perks, Discounts & Offers

Because med school fees are everywhere, we offer discounts + perks such as test prep discounts; free, online counseling; learning resources & more.

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A Mighty Network

From medical students to residents to practicing physicians—AMSA serves as an incubator for career development through all stages of professional development.

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Membership Leaders

What happens when our voices from chapters across the globe are banded together? Incredible things. It is the Membership Leaders who make this all happen. And you can become one!

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Where in the world is AMSA?

In over 40 countries and over 300 campuses, check out our global reach—and find your chapter. This map will tell you which region you’re in!

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What's On?

At any given time at AMSA, there are opportunities to advocate, learn, and connect with peers and mentors to further your career. See the latest here.

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