AMSA Membership Leaders

Catalysts. Collaborators. Conductors of Change.

AMSA is run by impassioned, organized student leaders who believe in the power of community.

These are the kinds of AMSA-influencers who thrive on collaboration. The ones eager to give fellow students an energy source they can plug their lights into. Connect them with the means to raise their voices about issues they care about. Welcome them into our inclusive, friendly network of future physicians eager to make change in health care.

How are we organized?

We have a leadership structure informed by over seven decades of activism and movement-making. It fosters collaboration on campuses across the country and globe. The result? Meaningful change. We’re run by four distinct sets of leaders — each with their own unique roles. Learn more (PDF)

Membership Trustees

Executive Direction

Our Vice President of Membership, Vice President of Member-elect and impassioned Trustees that represent International, Premed and Graduate members forge plans, lend expertise and help AMSA grow.

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Membership Directors 

Strategic Oversight

Membership Directors are the kinds of people who are natural collaborators, people who enjoy connecting others with opportunity, pairing them with ideas, action committees and programs that they feel strongly about.

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Chapter Officers

Organizers and Leadership

Chapter Officers are the influencers and spark-igniters at each AMSA Chapter. They organize, inspire and galvanize members through events, programs and advocacy focused on issues that matter to the chapter as a whole.

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