About AMSA

At AMSA, we see a better way forward.

We see opportunities to reshape medicine as future physicians. Our vision is a world where health care is accessible, medicine is affordable and systems support the diversity we see around us. We’re the next generation of physicians, leaders and change agents. Seventy years strong, with roughly 30,000 active members all across the globe, AMSA is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students. 

We do this by offering students what many medical schools don’t provide: the vital skills needed to lead and listen; and a safe place to explore, reflect and become the kind of physician who thinks beyond drugs and diagnoses. The kind of physician who makes a difference. The kind of physician you want to become. 

How we do it

Think of AMSA as an incubator for your career. A way to find your medical niche; meet like-minded peers and physicians; and learn how to lead and advocate. We make this happen through three core offerings: Advocacy, Education and Networking. 

Opportunities for you.

Make change.

Ready? Let’s go. Take that issue that keeps you up at night and convert it into action. You’ll hit the ground running through one of our Action Committees or grassroots campaigns—paving the way for great things once you’re out of school. Take Dr. Leana Wen, for example, a former AMSA activist who is now is the president of Planned Parenthood. 

Explore your interests.

Tap into our mighty network of peers, experts and physicians poised to help you navigate the field of medicine. If you’ve got a particular interest, we likely have a program, committee, event or networking opportunity for you to explore and drill deeper. (Did we mention we’ve supported over 350K members over the years? That’s a hefty network!) 

Survive med school.

Let’s be honest—medical school years are likely to be some of the toughest you’ll experience. AMSA exists to support you on this journey; to remind you that self-care is essential; to help you synthesize the news, trends and ever-changing landscape of medicine through our magazine (award-winning, mind you) and communications. Many think of us as family—a diverse, impassioned network that supports one another in meaningful ways.

Get discounts + deals.

Because med school fees are everywhere, we offer test prep discounts; free, online counseling from BetterHelp; learning resources from UpToDate® and more; Wolters Kluwer editions. You’ll want to know about these—we’re continually adding new deals like travel discounts for interviews, help for home-buying post- graduation and more.   

Match prep.

You’ve got the medical acumen. Now, to convey your strengths, goals and interests to the right residency programs in right ways! Our Applied Match Preparation helps you develop and polish your statement, interview like a boss, and arm you with the confidence to nail the right match for you.

Learn to lead.

Some experts call them “soft skills,” but at AMSA, we look at personal and professional development as some of the most powerful tools you’ll own as a physician. Flex your leadership muscles by serving as a leader on your campus, or even nationally. Learn the skills that medical schools often don’t offer: how to listen, how to communicate, how to run an effective business and more. 

Get Involved.

Perhaps you’re a born leader, ready to be heard and take charge. Maybe you prefer working behind the scenes—a quiet architect of change. Whatever the case may be, AMSA offers a diverse buffet of opportunities to participate, delve deeper, make new friends and network. After trying one, many AMSA members go on to sample other opportunities — the path is literally yours to navigate. 

Action Committees

Inspired bands of like-minded advocates zeroing in on critical issues that matter—locally and nationally. Learn More.

Grassroots Campaigns

Where movements happen—sparking social change from the ground up on vital initiatives. Learn More.


On your campus, regionally, nationally—we have a variety of opportunities for new and experienced leaders. Learn More.

Editorial opportunities

Gifted with the quill? Our magazine and other publications await your thoughts and perspectives. Learn More.

Fellowship programs

Augment your formal medical training with a year of deep-diving, hands-on advocacy and leadership at AMSA.

Mentorship opportunities

A kind of hotline to practicing physicians for guidance on match prep, residency, career planning and more. Learn More.