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The New Physician Magazine

The New Physician is a bi-monthly magazine committed to exploring the social, political and ethical issues of health care and medical education. It is a journalistic publication that covers aspects of the personal, clinical and career development of physicians in an engaging but concise way. Read more.

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Weekly Consult brings top news stories from medicine and health care directly to your inbox. Our editors sift through the week’s news to update you on only the most pertinent and interesting new topics, delivering quick summaries and links to in-depth coverage to your inbox weekly on Wednesdays. Read more.

AMSA ad lib Podcast

AMSA’s podcast brings together the intimate perspectives of medical students and experts on topics ranging from specialty selection and personal finance to technological developments in medicine’s near future. Listen now.

On Call Blog

Let AMSA help you to succeed by answering questions, providing tools to make your life easier, inspiring discussion and debate on the hottest healthcare issues, and connecting you with peers from across the globe. Read more.

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We’re never done learning. AMSA strives to share relevant and free educational resources from across the web with students to support your medical journey. While AMSA does not endorse these companies, we aim to provide access to a resource hub for your online learning.