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Grab & go materials for your campus

Pulse Report

Share your big moment — or moments — with us! Every three months, we issue a Pulse Report to our Chapter Officers where you can share with us your successes, challenges or just questions you may have. It’s easy! 5 minutes or so. We love hearing from you anytime — but this quarterly effort affords us the chance to gather round at AMSA National, take the “pulse” of our chapters and see how we can better serve you, support you and share your stories. Submit your Pulse Report here by December 16, 2022!

Chapter Officer Training

This summer, we trained many of our chapter officers across the country & globe. If you couldn’t attend, we got you. It’s all recorded here! Here we cover some Chapter Leader Essentials — what’s expected, what’s ahead and why it matters. Grab your fellow leaders, something to eat or drink — and dive in. 90 minutes is it!

Note: This is required viewing for all AMSA Chapter Officers. Reach out with any questions as you go members@amsa.org

On Demand Training

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Hot Opportunities

We do a lot at AMSA — at any given time, there are programs, campaigns, deals and discounts to tap into. We’ve rounded them up here in what we’re calling our Member Concourse. Browse what’s hot and jack in! Check back. We’re updating this sucker routinely.

Getting your Chapter Set Up

Operations & Forms

Where to start? Chapter Charter is a good first step to get things running. This is a short document that keeps us focused, united and singing from the same sheet of music. It’s a good document. We like this document — and recently updated it a bit to make life easier.

We just need you to review and sign it — and you’re official. Takes 5 minutes. (Note: AMSA Institutional Partner Chapters do not need to review/sign, we’ve got that covered for you!)

Below are a few other FAQs + helpful links to have at your fingertips!

Not a Chapter Officer? 

Are you interesting in becoming one? Or would like to connect with the current officers at your campus?  Let us help.

Need to update your Officers?

Easy peasy. Do that right here, in this form and we can take it from here.


Looking for tabling swag & info? 

We can ship some to you (if you’re in the US!) Request a membership kit right here, use the drop-down.


Have any other questions?

Reach out to us at members@amsa.org — we’re here to help you out and put you in touch with the right person.