Without the chapters, AMSA is nothing! You are the focus of our organization. AMSA has chapters all around the world divided into U.S. and international regions. Here are some ways your AMSA chapter can make the most of this global network!

Having your chapter officer information on file with the office ensures that you don’t miss out on opportunities for awards and special chapter officer discounts.

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Is there an AMSA chapter that deserves recognition for embodying and promoting AMSA’s mission? Nominate them for our Paul R. Wright Chapter Success Award

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Explore webinars, AMSA National events, and even local chapter activities in AMSA’s calendar. Surf upcoming events, and share your chapter’s activities for national recognition. Plus, tag @AMSANational on social media so we can follow along!

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We realize that the job of a chapter leader can initially be a daunting one but we are here to help.

Chapter Leader Resources  


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Interested in guidance or new ideas for your chapter? Contact our Membership Department, they have a lot of great knowledge and insight to offer about starting or leading a chapter.

Contact members@amsa.org