What is the
Wellness & Student Life
Action Committee?

The Wellness & Student Life (WSL) Action Committee is dedicated to both trainee wellness and patient wellness through the development of patient-centered care and of supportive educational environments. These goals require an emphasis on patient-centered care over physician-centered care, especially as that care pertains to integrative/complementary/alternative medicine. The WSL committee also advocates for and supports the need for trainees to have regular access to medical humanities to foster healing through understanding, community, creativity, personal reflection, and a connection with humanity.

Our Goals & Getting Engaged

Get Involved!

Send a letter to child a child in the PICU this holiday season

During this holiday season, many children in the PICU can feel left out or lonely. We want your help to extend heartwarming letters filled with encouragement to the children that don’t have the opportunity to be at home with family or friends.

It takes 4 simple steps! We show you how, here. It’s a great way to lift spirits – yours and theirs.


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Committee Leadership

Sabrina Coaxum
Sabrina Coaxum Programming Coordinator
Fortune A. Ajuh
Fortune A. Ajuh Advocacy Coordinator

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