A few steps and you’ll be able to join our mighty force of chapters from all across the country and globe.

Future physicians—just like you—who believe in change. Promise. Better healthcare for all. (And serious discounts!)


Are you passionate about healthcare advocacy, community service, and making a difference in the medical field? Launching your very own American Medical Student Association (AMSA) chapter is an excellent way to get started. Here’s a guide to help you establish your AMSA chapter on your campus:

  • Your Chapter’s membership: You need at least 5 active AMSA members. They can join AMSA through our portal.
  • Your Chapter Leadership: We require at least 2 Chapter Officers; they must be active AMSA members.
  • Your Faculty Advisor: We recommend finding a faculty advisor, one who is supportive of your Chapter’s goals and mission.
  • Download our Charter, fill it and obtain the required signature. Let us know if your Chapter charges local dues.
  • Develop your Bylaws, not required but highly recommended. You may use this template to get started.
  • AMSA National is actively collecting medical domestic and premedical domestic chapter dues. See our FAQ page for more information. Contact us now to learn more about this process.

Finally, use this Chapter Requests Form to:

  • Charter Your Chapter and start your AMSA journey.
  • Submit Your Chapter’s Officers once a year when your new Chapter Leadership is elected.
  • Request your Recruitment Kit today to make a strong impression at school fairs and attract potential members who share your passion for healthcare and advocacy

Maintain your Charter Chapter 

Is your chapter in compliance? Be sure to submit your Chapter’s Officers annually.

Discover AMSA Institutional Partnership

Curious about AMSA Institutional Partnership? Discover how schools or sponsors can fund AMSA memberships for your institution. For more details, contact us at ipinfo@amsa.org.  

Have any questions on how to set up your chapter?

Check out our FAQs section for more information.