Unlike any other medical student organization, AMSA is governed by student leaders — future physicians committed to realizing that health care is equitable, just and accessible. AMSA’s leaders are close enough to know how the system works — and bring the commitment, passion and drive to realize what could be, instead of what always has been. 

AMSA’s leaders are supported by an experienced advisory board of physicians, experts and business executives as well as a knowledgeable staff, most of whom have been with AMSA for multiple years.

National Leaders. Board of Trustees, Action Committee Team Executives (ACTEs), Membership Directors and more. Meet our National Leaders.

National Staff. AMSA’s President, business managers, strategists, communications professionals, program managers and beyond. Get to know the team who keeps things humming.

Advisory Council. Physicians, experts, allied partners and healthcare business executives who believe in the power of AMSA. Say hello to our advisors.

Board of Directors. A mix of National Leaders, alumni and inspired medical influencers who work to foster a thriving AMSA culture of philanthropy. Check out this team.

Learning to Lead

Many National Leaders got their start by joining a committee, or running a chapter at their school. Is this you?

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