At AMSA, we believe it takes more than academic competence to become an effective, compassionate physician. 

You need to learn to listen, lead and organize. To advocate for what you believe in. To have the skills to collaborate and communicate with diverse stakeholders, peers and experts.

This is where AMSA comes in. Find out what leadership role best suits you.


Are you driven by a particular issue that keeps you up at night? Maybe local organizing is your thing. Or maybe you’d like to serve as a National Leader – leveraging your expertise on a more broad scale. Check out the following opportunities and see what strikes you. And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


Board of Trustees

Lead AMSA’s strategic efforts by serving as a member of the Board of Trustees. Here, you can employ skills in organizational thinking, long-term planning, resource allocation, and advocacy to steward AMSA’s resources and participate in all board-level decisions.

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Action Committee and Campaign Leaders 

Zero in on key, pressing issues in health care by leading an Action Committee — where you envision and promote projects to AMSA members nationally, regionally and locally to make change happen. Interested?

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Membership Directors

Strengthen AMSA’s voice by helping steer our chapters and members forward. Membership Directors oversee the activities of our chapters across the globe — serving as enthusiasts, troubleshooters and organizers. Is this you?

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AMSA Academy Leaders

Lead educational programs that delve deeply into timely, complex topics through AMSA Academy. Develop programming, collaborate with speakers and experts and help engage members.

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IFMSA Advisor

Foster international collaboration on health-related issues by serving as AMSA advisor to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA).

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Local Leadership 

AMSA Chapters are where the rubber meets the road in terms of organizing — where students band together to make impact on campuses and in communities.

Learn about becoming a Chapter Officer 

House of Delegates

Influence policy by serving as a Delegate or serving on a House of Delegates (HOD) committee. The HOD steers AMSA’s Resolutions for the year ahead, how we will prepare and present testimony, lobby Congress or advise other medical groups about the opinions of medical students.

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Editorial Advisory Board – The New Physician

Are you interested in joining The New Physician magazine’s editorial team? The New Physician is looking for up to four AMSA members to serve on our Editorial Advisory Board. The Editorial Advisory Board members work closely with staff and the Student Editor to plan strong magazine stories for our readers and have other opportunities to contribute.

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