AMSA Scorecard FAQ

Why did AMSA develop the Scorecard program?

  • Multiple studies have shown that industry influence can lead to more expensive and less evidence-based prescribing practices

Why should we submit our policies?

  • The AMSA scorecard reveals the level to which an institution has committed to ensuring no conflict of interest exists related to pharmaceutical relationships. Providing this information, which has increasingly become a focus for medical professionals, ethicists, and the public, allows for complete transparency. While participation is voluntary, AMSA recommends medical schools take part in the program in order to demonstrate recognition of this issue’s importance.

How do I submit my institution’s policies?

How will my institution’s policies be evaluated?

  • Policies are blinded and then reviewed by two separate reviewers. To see the domains that each policy is graded on specifically, please visit our scorecard website.

What if we choose not to submit our policies?

  • A web search will be conducted in an attempt to find publicly available policies. If no policies are found to be evaluated, a grade of incomplete will be assigned to your institution.

What if we are currently updating our policies?

  • You can submit your current policies now and your updated policies when they become available. Updated policy submissions will be evaluated and updated on the Scorecard as appropriate. 

What if we have no updates to provide since our 2014 submission?

  • Please fill out our online submission form and let us know in the comments box that your institution has no policy updates to upload.

What if we disagree with the rating our institution’s policies receive?

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

  • Please contact AMSA’s Education & Advocacy Fellow at