Alissa Kainrath

PharmFree Fellow

Alissa Kainrath is a third-year medical student at Rosalind Franklin University, passionate about improving medical education and health policy. As national co-chair of the Pharm-Free Campaign and a member of AMSA since 2017, she advocates for unbiased education and reproductive justice. Outside of medicine, Alissa enjoys hiking, working out, exploring new restaurants, and volunteering with the New Life Volunteering Society in Chicago.

Join us to explore AMSA’s PharmFree Campaign, from its inception to current initiatives. Learn about our mission to assess conflict-of-interest (COI) policies in top U.S. medical schools, revealing the influence of pharmaceutical companies on education. Discover the impact of COI policies on medical practice integrity and explore actionable steps for improvement. Access our student advocacy toolkit and become a catalyst for change in promoting transparency and patient-centered care. Shape the future of medical education and advocate for a PharmFree environment with us!