Health Equity Scholars Program

An Online Learning Community and Course (October 2016 – February 2017)


Program Overview
Interested in discussing identity, society, and race? Contemplating disability and ableism? Advocating for LGBTQ+ rights? Reading about marginalization, privilege and oppression? From race to class to gender to sexuality to disability status to documentation status, and so much more, we all have identities. Some endow with privilege, while others can leave us vulnerable to oppression.

As future physicians, we hold responsibility for not only treating illness and injury, but also for supporting our patients in striving for the highest level of health possible. This goal can only be achieved equitably by examining the unique barriers facing health disparate populations, and by eliminating structural violence and systemic bias in medicine.

In the spirit of cultivating a culture of humanism in medicine, we are pleased to announce the return of the Health Equity Scholars Program. Through this program, scholars will examine health disparities across sociodemographic groups and explore how their knowledge, attitudes, and practices as healthcare providers bear influence on disparities. We encourage participants to utilize these tools to empower others to fight for health equity.

What should I expect?
The online course, running from October 2016 to February 2017, will include lectures by experts, discussions among participants, supplemental articles and videos, and a final project. Scholars will gain knowledge and skills in understanding the drivers, prevalence, and consequences of health disparities, with a particular lens on the role of the healthcare system and physicians.

Time Commitment
Scholars in this program must be able to dedicate approximately 4 hours a month to the course. This commitment will consist of:

  • Webinars every other Monday (2 hours)
  • Subsequent review of supplemental materials such as articles and videos (1 hour)
  • Work on the final project (1 hour)

Why will I love this Scholars Program?
The Scholars Program is designed to offer something new and valuable to all participants, whether you are new to the topic or are an experienced scholar in the field of health equity seeking further education. While our time together is limited, this introductory course will survey a wide range of topics pertaining to health equity. The course directors plan to invite lecturers to speak on topics including social medicine; socio-contextual determinants of health; intersectionality; racial and ethnic disparities in health; LGBTQ+ health; housing, homelessness and displacement; and disability and ableism. In addition, the final scholar project provides a practice-based opportunity for individual students to dive deep into the work of addressing health disparities through education, advocacy, or community engagement. Course Directors are delighted to support and mentor scholars in planning and implementing their project. We are excited to connect like-minded medical students in discussion and advocacy for this important and critical area of social medicine.

For More Information, Download the Program Syllabus