Why should I use AMSA’s AMP?

1. AMSA’s been working with medical students for more than 40 years.  We know what’s important to you, and AMP’s experts will help you present yourself as what you are: a stand-out candidate with a leg up on the competition.

2. AMSA has assembled a team of experts who, combined, have more than 30 years working with future and established physicians.  They will connect with you and meet you where you are, determining exactly what you need.

I have already written my personal statement and feel good about it.  Is the polish service right for me?

Making sure your personal statement hits the mark is critical.  The polish service is specifically for students in your position – those who have something on the page and want to be certain there isn’t anything distracting to the reader.

I don’t even know where to start with my personal statement.  How are the AMP experts going to help me?

You’ll start with a questionnaire to help your coach get to know you better.  Then, you’ll have an exploratory phone call to make sure you’re on the right path.  You’ll be provided a rubric to keep you focused, and two reviews throughout the process will ensure you’re comfortable with the final product.

How can a practice interview really prepare me?  A coach isn’t the same as a program director.

You’re right – you can’t know how you’ll feel until you’re at the institution.  But you can prepare to present yourself professionally and effectively.  You can learn what keeps interviewers interested and engaged, methods to assuage nervousness, and how to connect with people you’ve likely never met.

How is AMP different from other services?

Our coaches don’t take the “factory” approach. They work alongside you, becoming a partner in the process. Applying for residency required more than checking items off a list, and working with the AMP team will boost your confidence through focusing not on what everyone needs, but on what you need, specifically.

What if I need more follow-up, or want to check in after the interview?

AMP’s experts won’t disappear.  Additional rounds of feedback will be available for a nominal fee.