LGBT Local Projects In a Box

We know how hard it is for a local chapter to start organizing its own events, especially if it is a new chapter or if leaders don’t have an army of helpers. To help out, we have assembled a variety of projects that are packaged and ready to go! These events are modeled after successful events from experienced local chapters and range from super easy to a bit more involved! Most “Projects-in-a-Box” are packaged with instructions on how to run the event, a power point presentation to help facilitate discussion, video clip suggestions and other materials, as well as handouts to complement the event. All these projects need is a local leader or active member to download the project to bring it to your medical school. Although inviting a faculty physician to lead the event will often make the experience more educational, most of these projects are equally effective, if not more effective, run by medical students.  Feel free to contact if you have questions about how to run any of the projects!

Find the “Project-in-a-Box” that fits your needs and that covers a topic that will interest your peers and run with it!

DISCLAIMER: Although you are encouraged to download, use, or modify all material on this site, these presentations are the intellectual property of AMSA National and we ask that appropriate credit be given where it is due.

LGBT National Inclusion Campaign

The Inclusion Campaign reaches out to LGBT-identified people of color, allies, and transgender people and to address current and progressive issues facing marginalized groups within the LGBT community.

Queer People of Color
LGBT HAC is dedicated to ensuring QPOC medical students feel completely accepted within our LGBT community and that unique health issues of QPOC patients are addressed by physicians. Use the Queer People of Color Module to promote and initiate dialogue about minorities within the LGBT community. With seven topics highlighting issues within the Black, Latino, Asian, Native American, and Transgender populations, every participant will be able to learn something new.

Transgender Health
LGBT HAC aims to introduce future health care providers to the transgender community with the purpose of increasing recognition of the challenges encountered by transgender people and improving access to quality healthcare for transgender-identified individuals.

Heterosexual Allies
LGBT HAC recognizes that heterosexual allies are critical to the activist work done in the LGBT community – we hope to facilitate dialogue about LGBT-only spaces, and how to bring allies in to our work.


  • Inclusive Terminology: Avoiding Language Bias (a participatory workshop)
    This project-in-a-box is a primer on terms with which every clinician should be familiar when speaking with patients from various marginalized groups, including people of color and sexual minorities. This workshop begins with a 20 minute silent exercise on power and privilege (best done in an environment of confidentiality) followed by discussion. The powerpoint includes important definitions and terminology on race and sexuality, and the leader is welcome to lead discussions on what the term means to the attendees. Finally, handouts discuss power, privilege, and marginalization. This presentation is a great way to begin discussions about communication and caring for marginalized groups.

    1. Language Sensitivity 101 (PowerPoint 3.5MB)
    2. Power & Privilege Definitions
    3. Oppression Chart
    4. Power Shuffle Exercise
  • Being an Ally
    Not sure your school is ready to talk about LGBT health? It’s important to recognize that it can take time to develop as an ally to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community, and that those individuals who don’t identify as LGB or T can contribute significantly to improving the health of the LGBT community. This presentation will explain the share identity development stories of medical student allies at other schools, talk about some important health issues faced by LGBT-identified individuals, and share ways that you can be an ally in your medical practice.Recommended Speaker: Student Leadership or Physician

    1. Being an Ally Presentation
  • Primary Care of LGBT Individuals
    Interested in collaborating with a family medicine or primary care interest group? Planning events for National Primary Care Week? This presentation is for you! With a short explanation of important terminology and a presentation of health issues facing LGBT patients, this presentation focuses on how providing care to LGBT patients is different from non-LGBT patients, and also emphasizes those aspects where it should be the same.Recommended Speaker: Student Leadership or Physician

    1. PDF Version
  • ER Dilemma – A Lesbian Couple’s Story
    Lunchtime Film Discussion that explores the unique and painful challenges same-sex couples must face in a medical setting. This HBO original film vignette stars Venessa Redgrave as an elderly lesbian couple living in the 1960’s and face painful challenges when they cannot be honest about their relationship when one is admitted to the ER.Recommended Speaker: Student Leadership or Physician

    1. Video Clip Vignette: If These Walls Could Talk II
    2. Power Point Presentation (44 KB)
    3. Film Review Online
  • Trevor – A Coming Out Story
    Lunchtime Film Discussion that powerfully illustrates the internal and social struggles many LGBT Youth face when trying to understand their sexual orientation. This film applies melodramatic humor to a serious topic which helps create a friendly atmosphere to discuss the topic of LGBT youth.Recommended Speaker: Student Leadership or Physician

    1. Video Clip Vignette: Trevor’s Story
    2. Trevor Project Website
    3. Film Review Online
  • Family Matters – Building an LGBT Family
    Lunchtime Film Discussion that humorously illustrates a few of the unique challenges same-sex couples face when they pursue making a family. The film vignette stars Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone as a lesbian couple trying to get pregnant and creates a friendly atmosphere to discuss a heated topic.Recommended Speaker: Student Leadership or Physician

    1. Video Clip Vignette: If These Walls Could Talk II
    2. PowerPoint Presentation (69 KB)
    3. Film Review Online
    4. Gay Parent Magazine
  • Transgender Day of Awareness
    Many aspiring physicians have little knowledge about what it means to be transgender, or, more importantly, how to best care for their transgender patients. The purpose of this day of awareness is to distribute basic knowledge on this topic, using not only the existing white coat cards and educational videos, but also a focused power point and discussion questions. A list of possible guest speakers will be distributed to participating chapters. Transgender patients suffer at the hands of doctors due to lack of education and societal fear. This powerpoint not only explains what it is to be transgender, but gives advice on how to treat them clinically. Take advantage of this opportunity to educate your chapter!

    1. Transgender Patients – Power Point
    2. Transgender Patients – Presenter Notes

Interactive Exercises

The fabulouSEXcitingclasSEXercise is a great way to help your class become concretely aware of the sexual diversity that exists in the human race, but is almost never visible in everyday life. This activity fits well as an engaging part of a lecture, or as a separate lunchtime activity.

Other Activities

It is our personal belief that if members do not feel included within a supportive community, they have no vested interest in becoming a visible LGBT advocate or helping the organization run events, and rightfully so. We highly encourage you to make these social, supportive, and FUN events an integral part of your events calendar!

Monthly Coffee Shop Meetings – Have an informal chat the first Wed of each month

LGBTPM Potlucks – Simple and cost effective! Just an Email away!

LGBT Faculty/Resident Sponsored Dinner – Ask your LGBT Faculty or Residents if they would be willing to host a LGBTPM dinner at their home or on campus. Usually they are delighted to host and more than often are willing to have the $ to do so!

Throw a PARTY! A Winter Party or a Summer BBQ are always FUN!

  • Fall NCOD Reception or Dinner Party
  • Spring Graduation Party for MS4’s

LGBT Night Out! Follow up any event with a group outing!

  • Bowling (oldie but a goodie)
  • Dancing in the Gayberhood
  • Dinner and a Movie (during Gay and Lesbian Film Festival)

Walking in Your City’s PrideFestival Parade (Summer)

Community Outreach – Get OUT into the Community!

  • Walk in your city’s PrideFestival Parade (Summer)
  • Administer Flushots
  • Sponsor Community Events like “Gay Bingo”
  • Have a booth in your city’s PrideFest or CityFest