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As an AMSA member, you represent the voice of physicians-in-training in their efforts to best serve the public. When you join AMSA, you become part of a vital force of future physicians who believe that health professionals and patients are partners in the management and maintenance of health, and that access to high-quality health care is a right and not a privilege.

I will jump at any opportunity to learn more, and expand my horizons as a student. Because of AMSA, I have found my passion for wanting to become a physician.” – AMSA Member

Your support is the key to ensuring AMSA serves as the “go-to” organization championing you and the physicians-in-training community. At AMSA, activism is a way of life. Student idealism is transformed into meaningful public service, innovation and institutional change.

What’s Happening at AMSA Chapters!

Join AMSA Education & Advocacy Fellow Dr. Alison Case as she visits AMSA Chapters across the country! On November 13, AMSA joined with Trade Justice and HealthGAP to hold a press conference and demonstration in front of Pfizer in New York City to bring awareness to the heavy hand that big Pharma had in negotiating the dangerous trade agreement. 

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The AMSA Advantage

  • AMSA is where you build your professional network. It is your home, community and support through medical school. AMSA Members are the most talented, intelligent and passionate future physicians, the highest achieving residents and the most respected doctors. Getting involved locally and nationally will provide you a valuable network for years to come.
  • AMSA is where you have a voice. With AMSA you can take action now on important issues ranging from student debt relief, patient safety and healthcare reform, to AIDS awareness, global health initiatives, medical professionalism and much more!
  • AMSA is where you learn. Through AMSA, you can attend thought-provoking seminars, institutes and national conferences covering topics you won’t find in a traditional medical school curriculum. You’ll have access to knowledge exploring the social, political and ethical issues of health care and medical education across the US and around the world and resources created by medical students for medical students as well as the residency and medical education guide.
  • AMSA is where you can lead now. With AMSA you don’t have to wait for your degree, you can lead now. From local chapters or grassroots positions to national roles, AMSA Membership is viewed favorably by admissions committees and residency programs.
  • AMSA is where you focus on your interests. What’s your specialty? Is it Pediatrics or Orthopedics? Surgery or Internal Medicine? LGBT issues or Health Policy? AMSA Members have diverse and broad interests, just like you.
  • AMSA saves you money. As a member of AMSA, you are eligible to receive negotiated discount rates on a diversity of products and services.

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