A few steps and you’ll be able to join our mighty force of chapters from all across the country and globe.

Future physicians—just like you—who believe in change. Promise. Better healthcare for all. (And serious discounts!)

There are two straightforward paths to consider taking—

and if you’d like a little guidance, we’re here to help.


Talk to your advisor, Dean of Student Affairs, or other faculty member.

Here, the school will take care of the application, getting things started and
likely some of the fees for you. Bonus! Here’s how:


  1. Ask for an appointment with your advisor, dean of student affairs or faculty member. Be sure to pick someone you know is passionate about a well-rounded medical education. Doesn’t have to be a long meeting. 
  2. Tell them about AMSA—feel free to print out this literature, which outlines the benefits of an AMSA partnership. Our members tell us that in these meetings, usually the advisor/dean is drawn particularly to 1 or 2 of the benefits. Talk about those!
  3. Follow up! Give them a few days to think on it, and introduce them to us at AMSA(reach out to Sandy Fridy at sfridy@amsa.org or (703) 665-4811), and we can help explain the different kinds of institutional partnerships we offer. (We customize them to fit school needs).

Go it yourself! Grab five like-minded students and dive in.

AMSA Chapter Chartering Requirements

AMSA requests that the following requirements are met before submitting your request for an AMSA charter.

  • All of the members belonging to your chapter must be registered with AMSA. Register by joining here. We require a minimum of five active AMSA members at all times.
  • All chapter officers should be on file with us. We require a minimum of two chapter officers on file at all times.
  • A chapter faculty adviser is highly encouraged but not required.
  • A Copy of your chapter’s AMSA Chapter Constitution and Chapter Bylaws.

AMSA Chapter Constitution and Chapter Bylaws

A copy of your chapter’s AMSA Chapter Constitution and your Chapter Bylaws are required when applying for a chapter charter.

Below you will find an AMSA Chapter Constitution and a sample outline for your Chapter’s Bylaws for quick and easy modification.

Please insert your chapter’s name in the AMSA Chapter Constitution where directed. We encourage you to keep the AMSA Chapter Constitution provided as is. However, if your chapter would like to modify the Constitution, you may do so.

Your Chapter Bylaws Outline should act like your chapter’s internal governing document. Please take time to thoughtfully go through and draft a Chapter Bylaws document that works for your chapter’s needs. 

AMSA Medical Chapter Constitution 

AMSA International Medical Chapter Constitution

AMSA Premedical Chapter Constitution

AMSA Bylaws Outline Sample

Apply for an AMSA Chapter Charter

Ready to complete the application? You can do so here!

What to expect next

Chapter charter submissions are reviewed and approved by AMSA’s Board of Trustees on a monthly basis. If we find any issues with your application you will be notified. While you wait for your charter to be approved, we encourage you to start building your chapter and planning chapter events! 

Once your charter has been approved you will be an official AMSA chapter. We will Present you with a pdf of your chapter charter via email. 

Please contact members@amsa.org with any questions you may have about the process or your application.