AMSA Membership Leaders

Catalysts. Collaborators. Conductors of Change.

AMSA is run by impassioned, organized student leaders who believe in the power of community.

These are the kinds of AMSA-influencers who thrive on collaboration. The ones eager to give fellow students an energy source they can plug their lights into. Connect them with the means to raise their voices about issues they care about. Welcome them into our inclusive, friendly network of future physicians eager to make change in health care.

How are we organized?

We have a leadership structure informed by over seven decades of activism and movement-making. It fosters collaboration on campuses across the country and globe. The result? Meaningful change. See how it works.



Becoming a Membership Leader

Are you a believer in the power of our collective voices as future physicians? An influencer who delights in leading and listening —  are you a champion of the AMSA community? Then you’re likely a Membership Leader! From national strategic direction to grassroots activism at your local chapter, there are many opportunities to explore, see below.

Benefits to you.

AMSA Membership Leaders gain CV recognition; opportunities to network with forward-thinking leaders, experts and AMSA Alumni; earn financial incentives; and the rewards of working together as a team to realize meaningful, lasting change in health care.

Leadership Positions + Descriptions

Executive Direction

This role sits at the helm of our global AMSA Community — a kind of Master of Ceremonies for engagement and growth. The VPM role summons a big-picture leader, a person who thrives on collaboration, strategic thinking and finding innovative ways to coalesce our mighty force of global voices to enact change. For good. At a high level, this role offers:

  • Executive Direction to grow AMSA Membership
    • Sits as Chair of Board of Trustees
    • Establish goals + strategies for growth
    • Oversight and guidance for domestic membership leaders
  • Represent Members
    • Represent membership from across the globe
    • Listen to + lead membership leaders
  • Lead, train + influence
    • Mentor membership leaders

Note: this is a two-year role. The first year is served as VPM-elect, working alongside the VPM (in a kind of apprenticeship), helping support AMSA’s membership team while learning all there is to know about this role. This way, there’s double-power at the top, and the VPM-elect is able to hit the ground running the following year when she/he takes the reins.

Read the full description here — and apply here! Deadline to apply is February 6, 2021.

Strategic Oversight

The Membership Trustees are instrumental to AMSA — they serve as the architects of change for AMSA chapters across the country and globe. There are two positions available to govern membership for Premed and International chapters. These two trustees serve on AMSA’s board and collaborate closely with the VP of Membership (VPM — who oversees domestic membership) and the Membership Directors to ensure we’re reaching our goals as a forward-thinking organization. Primary duties include:

  • Guidance + Direction for Membership Directors (MDs)
    • Serve on the Board of Trustees.
    • Help set goals, work plans and ensure goals are met
  • Disseminate news + opportunities
    • Help funnel National programs and campaigns to local chapters; and news from chapters to the Board of Trustees.
  • Foster growth
    • Be an AMSA influencer — visit chapters.
    • Work with MDs to welcome new ones. Help re-engage less active ones.

Read the full description here — and apply here! Deadline to apply is February 6, 2021.

Springboard for Activism

AMSA’s Membership Directors are the kinds of people who are natural collaborators — people who enjoy connecting others with opportunity, pairing them with ideas, action committees and programs that they feel strongly about. These are leaders, ideators and overseers of chapters and chapter officers, helping our chapter-satellites activate on change. They serve to:

Nurture, mentor and grow chapters.

  • Inspire, guide and mentor Chapter Councilmembers & Chapter Officers.
  • Craft work plans, a strategy for chapters to grow and evolve
  • Oversee progress of chapters in ongoing fashion, offer direction, ideas to meet goals.


Match chapters w. relevant opportunities

  • Collaborate with National Leaders + staff to funnel timely opportunities to Councilmembers & COs.
  • ID interest area for each chapter + pair them with right AC, campaign, etc. 


Serve as chapter conduit to AMSA National

  • Bring chapter news, successes, ideas and challenges to National 
  • Report on strategic work plans and initiatives


Full description can be found here.* Positions are open for 2 Domestic Membership Directors (MDs), 2 Premed MDs, and 3 International MDs.

Apply to be a Membership Director here!

Regional Ambassadorship


The aim of this council is of a strategic nature — no heavy drain of your time in meetings, rather, it’s intended to leverage your expertise (via quick, thoughtful inputs) and your influence as an AMSA ambassador (helping mentor and engage others). Put more finely, in this role, you would:

  • Lend strategic input — offering your perspectives and opinions on ideas, campaigns and initiatives intended to help AMSA grow & reach goals.
  • Mentor and inspire new Chapter Officers — Serve as role model / mentor to new or less-active COs — help us get them activated on issues they care about and acclimated to AMSA.
  • Serve as Brand Ambassadors on a national scale — Be the voice of AMSA within your sphere of influence — helping us share key messages and initiatives.

This is a new position — we’re looking for leaders looking to pilot a new initiative and work closely with AMSA along the way to make it sing. Learn more here — drop your name here to be considered & we’ll follow up!

Galvanizers for Change

Chapter Officers are the influencers and energy-sparks at each AMSA Chapter. They are the champions of community — the believers in the power of our collective voice as future physicians. They are the leaders that bring medical students together on their campuses — the physicians-in-training who burn brightly with the desire to make change happen. For themselves. For their community. For health care writ large. Chapter officers largely serve to:

Architect the Chapter

  • ID chapter direction: interest areas, passions.
  • Join relevant AMSA action committees, campaigns or initiatives
  • Forge plan for local projects + outreach

Engage + Grow 

  • Serve as AMSA influencer – a campus leader + information source for students
  • Ensure visibility on campus 
  • Update chapter in short monthly meetings 

Serve as Conduit to AMSA National

  • Report on successes, challenges, wins on your chapter to your MD  

Pass the Baton

  • Recruit next year’s CO and bring them to AMSACon to get jacked in!

Learn more about being a Chapter Officer here!