Chapter Officer Onboarding Glossary

Soon you’ll be fluent in AMSA-speak, but for many of us getting started,
a glossary of much-used terminology can come in handy.


Chapter Officer
Medical student who guides the chapter on campus—the one who is registered as the CO in the AMSA database. Roles and responsibilities are here.

Chapter Leaders
These are the on-campus positions assigned by the Chapter Officer: president, treasurer and more

AMSA National
Our headquarters in Washington DC, where our staff and some of our leaders live. It happens to also be home to Capitol Hill, you know, where the policies get made. (Coincidence? Not really!)

National Leaders
Student leaders who govern the day-to-day actions, programming, content development and plans, such as the President, Chairs, VPs, and much more.

Board of Trustees
AMSA’s Board of Trustees is the governing body that seeks to ensure the best interest of the physicians-in-training that it serves, its stakeholders and a better future. And, yes, our board is made up of medical students — truly, we’re student-led.

From operations to communications to executive direction, AMSA’s staff is made up of experienced employees that work to support AMSA’s initiatives in strategic ways. 

House of Delegates
AMSA’s official policy-making body, the HOD allows representatives from each local medical chapter to meet once a year at the Annual Convention to vote on AMSA’s policies and to elect our national officers. 

Membership Sherpa
As part of our national student leadership, we assign a Membership Leader. This position is supported by other membership leaders, people who have grown with AMSA over the years and earned these positions. They are here to help you get acclimated and ready. Reach out here. 

Faculty Advisor
This is often a professor or department head that is particularly interested in supporting a well-rounded education — cultivating meds that care, lead and advocate. They help chapter officers and leaders navigate the campus — and how to connect with students and faculty to make an impact.

Events & Programming

Project Plan
This is your calendar roadmap for the year ahead — it will help you prepare for doing some really exciting projects locally, and get you ready to lend your voice nationally. Sample plan is here.

AMSA-informational meeting
an organized event where an AMSA chapter works to introduce AMSA to new students and invite them to join.

Chapter meeting
a monthly meeting run by the CO (Chapter Officer) or other Chap Leaders, can happen virtually or IRL. 

Chapter Officer Hub
This webpage. Here you will find regularly refreshed information from national to you; arming you with the latest action items to share with your chapter members. Also, it’s where the Launchpad lives if you need to access launch information as you go.  

AMSA Rounds.
Monthly newsletter that goes to all members. It’ll house the latest + greatest opps, also rounded up on the
What’s On? Page

Chapter Event
A bit of what you may expect: a means to come together as a chapter on campus, aside from a general meeting. This could be a happy hour, fundraisers, community service projects, guest speaker, etc. 

Weeks of Action (WoA)
Early in the year, Chapter Officers have the opportunity to create weeks of action around key themes 

E.g. Advocacy workshop, Repro Health.