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Chapter Officers, we’re about to make AMSA history. Join in.

Virtual AMSACon has a greater appeal than ever before. No travel fees, lower registration costs and a powerful, 3-day expert line-up. It’s time to get the word out. 

Download these goodies, cut and paste the text—and share it with your campus. Your help will go a long way!

(Check back here frequently and often, as we’ll be refreshing things as we go, too!)

For your Chapter FB page and for your personal use, if desired.

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Because standing still is not an option. Especially not now. 

We’ve converted 3 days of keynotes, 30+ sessions, a virtual exhibit hall, SIM training & more — to be all served virtually for the first time ever. We’re inspired. Join us! #AMSACon2020 https://amsaconvention.org

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Print these flyers (easy 8.5 x 11 size) and plaster them all around your campus, coffee shops, wherever your student-peers are hanging out! Color is best, black + white can work, too. 

AMSA Convention Flyer


Use the content below to format an email to chapter members.

Hello (chapter member name/s),

During this time of crisis, as medical students, we’re all feeling anxious, isolated and eager to help. Here’s a fantastic way to get involved, now.

AMSA has been hard at work transforming their Annual Convention to be fully-digital. In other words: AMSACon is ON — April 16-18. And more inspired than ever.

Imagine a virtual SIM challenge; 30+ digital keynotes and live Q+A sessions; training and networking and so much more… all from the safety of your home. This is no small undertaking, but AMSA is committed to supporting and activating us during this outbreak. The fees are reduced, there are no travel fees—this is the year to join us. And the line-up looks awesome.

Moreover, AMSA leaders are quickly compiling COVID-19 advocacy resources that you can jump on right now. These resources are being added to every day—and will be unpacked further at AMSACon!

What to do now?

  • Check out https://amsaconvention.org/
  • Register! (if you already have, you can receive or donate, the difference refund)
  • Let folks know you’re coming—use #AMSACon2020 on social and tag your friends.

(your name)


Officer To-Dos!

Encourage members to:



Get excited!