AMSA National Leadership

2015 – 2016

National President Deborah Vozzella Hall, MD Photo/Bio
President-Elect Kelly Thibert Photo/Bio
VP for Internal Affairs Joshua Weinstock Photo/Bio
VP for Membership Rinku Skaria Photo/Bio
VP for Program Development Perry Tsai Photo/Bio
VP for Leadership Development Rita Kuwahara Photo/Bio
Secretary Fludiona Naka Photo/Bio
TNP Student Editor Joseph Johnson Photo/Bio
Graduate Trustee Aliye Runyan, MD Photo/Bio
International Trustee Michael Sparks Photo/Bio
Premed Trustee Stefanie Smith Photo/Bio
Immediate Past President Britani Kessler, DO Photo/Bio
Executive Director Joshua Caulfield Photo/Bio


Education & Research Fellow Alison Case, MD Photo/Bio


REGIONAL DIRECTORS Find your region.
Region I Medical Sameer Massand
Premedical Tyler McCardell
Region II Medical Neil Vallabh
Premedical Daniel Gomez
Region III Medical Yvonne Lee
Premedical Laté Eyram Lawson-Hellu
Region IV Medical Ramona Mittal
Premedical Elisa Vengalil
Region V Medical Roberta Enes
Premedical Rami Gabriel
International Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Australia Wendy Chen
Caribbean Smit Deliwala


ACTION COMMITTEE & TEAM CHAIRS *Visit committee pages for full teams.
Community & Public Health Janell Johnson
Gender & Sexuality Corey Hoch
Global Health Isaiah Cochran
Grassroots Organizing Team Hari Ayyar
Health Policy Team Benjamin Lee
Medical Education Team Gregory Ziomek
Premedical Leadership Team Christine Nwoke
Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Health Devki Bhatt
Trainee Wellness & Professionalism Diana Huang


IFMSA LEADERS *See IFMSA pages for assistants and local chapter contacts*
Secretary General Secretary General
Assistant Secretary General Jacqueline O’Neill
National Officer on Research Exchange (NORE) Gabrielle Dickson
Assistant NORE Gabrielle Dickson
National Exchange Officer (NEO) Kevin Chorath