Oscar Cazares

Programming Coordinator

Oscar Cazares resides in the tip of south Texas, Brownsville, TX. Oscar currently attends the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV). He is one class away from completing a Bachelor’s that consists of two majors, Psychology and Biology, with a Medical Humanities minor. After graduating, he will continue at UTRGV as a Post-Bachelor’s student. As a nontraditional student, Oscar has served in AMSA for a number of years. Years ago, as an AMSA Chapter President, his goal was to raise his Chapter from the ground up. This same Chapter went on to win a 2019 AMSA Paul R. Wright Chapter Success Award. Last school year, as an advisor to the same Chapter, he founded and supervised a disability campaign, which went on to win a 1st place title in AMSACon. Oscar has also served in his university’s student government and has been involved in a variety of research projects, one of which currently involves cancer and cell processing.