Tell Us about Yourself – Master Your Interviews

January 10, 2017

By: Jennifer Junda, AMSA Director of Member Marketing
You’re wearing your best suit. You’re rested. You’ve waited four, eight, nine plus years for this moment – the moment that determines the path your future will take. You shake hands, sit down and hear the words you knew were coming. “Tell us about yourself.”

Those fours words should kick off gesture-772977_1280the easiest part of your medical school admissions or residency program acceptance interviews. But for the majority of students, it’s the toughest, most stressful request and will set the tone for the rest of the interview. People often wonder how it could be so difficult to talk about oneself. The difficult part usually isn’t telling people all about you and your love of comic books or pot-bellied pigs. It’s knowing what the interviewer actually wants to know about you. Now would be a good time to invent that whole mind reading thing, but we’ll move on.

So, you’ve practiced in front of a mirror, memorized key points to touch on and practiced your delivery. You’re nailing it… then you enter the actual interview. How will you react when you’re asked a question you didn’t practice in that mirror? What’s the best way to answer a question to which you just don’t have an answer? You love talking – too much. How can you scale back and polish your message? You speak as few words as possible to get your point across. How can you deliver an expanded message to engage the interviewer?

Students often ask for advice about how to prepare for their medical school or residency program interviews. The truth is nobody can predict everything that will be asked in every interview. But, you CAN prepare. We know your mirror is friendly, but wouldn’t it be nice to practice with medical school and residency program advisors who are actually asking the questions? YES!

Attendees of AMSA’s Annual Convention and Exposition have the chance to participate in a one-on-one mock interview with these advisors. Get expert advice about how to create and deliver a clear, polished message and learn valuable tips about overall interview skill building. Interview Like a Ninja!

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*Interview Like a Ninja” is open to Convention attendees only.

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