Stress-Based Overeating

Happy post Turkey Day, fellow medical and pre-medical students! Have you ever struggled with overeating due to school or life-related stress? I reached out to Katie Miller, a fellow first-year medical student who received her Bachelors in Nutritional Science at Texas Tech University, for advice on how to cope with overeating while in school.  …

A Look at Thalassotherapy

Two summers ago I studied abroad in Germany and Austria to learn about the history of medicine in Europe through a Texas A&M University faculty-led program. While in Germany, I was surprised to learn that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices seem to be in much wider use across its population than I had expected….

Wellness Wednesday: Standing in Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide

“The United States loses the equivalent of one small medical school or a large medical school class to suicide each year.”1 Fellow medical and pre-medical students, this is a call to action to stand together to help change the culture of education in our schools and that of our future workplace environments, to remove the…