A Look at Thalassotherapy

Two summers ago I studied abroad in Germany and Austria to learn about the history of medicine in Europe through a Texas A&M University faculty-led program. While in Germany, I was surprised to learn that complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices seem to be in much wider use across its population than I had expected….

Wellness Wednesday: Standing in Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide

“The United States loses the equivalent of one small medical school or a large medical school class to suicide each year.”1 Fellow medical and pre-medical students, this is a call to action to stand together to help change the culture of education in our schools and that of our future workplace environments, to remove the…

Knowing Your Personality Traits Can Help You Succeed In Medicine

By Kelsey Lyon, OMS II During my first week of medical school we were administered the results of the Myers-Briggs personality survey that we were asked to take online prior to starting school. Upon receiving our results we then had a session on what our four letter results meant and how we can use them…