Step Into Action: Take a Stand for Global and Women’s Health

January 27, 2017

By: Jen Junda, Director Member Marketing, AMSA
Most of us have big ideas for change we’d like to see in our communities. But, getting started on a path to actually make an impact and affect change is the tough part. With so many critical health care issues in the spotlight these days via news outlets, social media and more, it is vital to learn skills that can empower you to be a voice, enact change and make a difference.

You’re not alone! There are peers out there with the same passions and goals as well as experts ready to guide you. Join these peers and subject matter experts in the first ever Global Health and Women’s Health Institutes at AMSA’s annual convention.

You’ll meet in groups to discuss pressing issues, create a plan and walk away with tangible toolkits you can use to begin immediate work raising awareness and promoting change in your community.

Participate in the Global Health Institute and you’ll discuss and learn more about critical issues in children’s health, the persistence of Zika and improving immigrant and refugee health.

“Infectious diseases don’t require a passport.”
– Dr. David Boyd, Duke University Global Health Institute, Duke University

Ready to help end practices that critically endanger women’s health? Participate in the Women’s Health Institute  and you’ll discuss and learn more about family planning into the future, the cost of gender-based violence and economic benefits of preventative healthcare for women.

“Societies at large must end practices that critically endanger women’s health and well-being.”
– UN Women

Take a step in the direction of making real change with guidance from expert facilitators dedicated to ensuring you walk away with a plan of action.

Space is limited and filling fast for both Institutes. Choose the one you’re most passionate about, and sign up today.