Oluwadamilola Omojola

International Trustee

Oluwadamilola Omojola  is a passionate and driven individual with a diverse range of talents and interests. Oluwadamilola completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physiology. Eager to expand her horizons, she is currently enrolled as a medical student at the American University of Barbados, where she continues to develop her clinical skills and knowledge.

She has been an active member of AMSA since 2019, utilizing her expertise and passion to contribute to the advancement of healthcare initiatives. Her commitment and leadership qualities led her to assume various roles within AMSA. Previously, she served as the Global Health Programming Coordinator, focusing on promoting global health awareness. Currently, she holds the position of International Trustee, where she serves to represent the interests of the international AMSA members and facilitate collaboration among different chapters.

Oluwadamilola is particularly passionate about mental and reproductive health. She recognizes the importance of destigmatizing these topics and ensuring access to quality care for all individuals.

Beyond her academic and healthcare pursuits, Oluwadamilola is a talented creative designer and entrepreneur. She serves as the Creative Designer of her fashion brand, Zedarra and also the Vice President of the LKH Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting underprivileged individuals and communities.

In her free time, Oluwadamilola indulges in her love for learning new languages, finding joy in the diversity of culture and expanding her global perspective. She also volunteers her time and skills to contribute to charitable causes.