AMSA Premed Members

Applying to medical school can be a long and exhausting process. Premedical students are ambitious and driven to get involved and dive head first into opportunities to make a difference.

New Members Receive a Special Welcome Gift!*

Package A

A physical MCAT Flashcards + App and a one (1) year enrollment in Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced course (total value of $534)


Package B

A digital MCAT Flashcard App and one (1) year enrollments in Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced course & Foundations of Behavioral Science Self-Paced course (total value of $1,033)

Courtesy of Kaplan Test Prep

Free three month digital access to Stedman’s Online Dictionary

Courtesy of Wolters Kluwer

Premedical: $75 for full length of premedical education

Available to any person engaged in premedical training. AMSA membership is valid for the entirety of your premedical training career, and transfers with you regardless of school. The membership fee is a one-time, up-front payment protecting you from any future dues increases.

Take advantage of everything AMSA and our 20+ Partners have to offer:

  • In-Person Events
    Network with med students and practicing physicians at PremedFestand other in-person events, learn clinical skills, and explore current issues in medicine.
  • National Leadership Opportunities
    Serve in a national leadership role to develop professionally alongside physicians-in-training from around the world.
  • Partner Discounts
    Take advantage of discounts on test prep, learning resources, and wellness support such as online counseling with BetterHelp.
  • Publications
    Stay on top of current issues in health care and education with The New Physician magazine, Weekly Consult e-newsletter, AMSA ad lib podcast, and more.
  • Virtual Programs
    Engage with peers across the country through AMSA’s Scholars Programs.

*New member gift is subject to change. New member gift must be claimed within 60 days following membership join date.