Programs & Events

AMSA Annual Convention & Exposition brings together medical and premedical students from all around the world for a great chance of networking, building skills, explore new ideas, and to grow personally and professionally.

AMSA Conferences invite physicians-in-training and expert facilitators to spend 1-2 days exploring current issues in medicine, building clinical skills, and connecting with peers. These colloquia also offer sessions dedicated to premed students and offer a concentrated residency preparation track.

PremedFest is a day and a half event dedicated to helping premedical students get into medical school – focus on your growth as a student, a person, and a future physician.

The American Medical Student Association Academy is a training ground for physicians leaders, established by students and for students. The AMSA Academy strives to empower physicians-in-training to effect change in medicine and didactic and experiential learning. Each program fosters the value that health care must be patient-centered, effective, safe, equitable, and timely, as identified by the Institute of Medicine. Registration is now closed.

National Primary Care Week is an annual event to highlight the importance of primary care and bring health care professionals together to discuss and learn about the impacts climate change can and will have on human health and health care.

The Humanistic Elective in Activism, Reflective Transformation, and Integrative Medicine (HEART-IM), will provide twenty-five (25) fourth-year medical students with a unique and rewarding way to conclude their medical school careers and prepare for their future work as healer-physicians.

New! AWARE’s mission is to raise awareness about substance misuse and abuse as a public health priority; instill a compassionate, total health approach to care that is free of stigma and based in evidence; explore current themes and models of prevention, treatment, and recovery; and cultivate the knowledge, skills, and attitudes for community engagement and improvement.