Programs & Events

Build your resume, network, be inspired!

AMSA Annual Convention & Exposition brings together medical and premedical students from all around the world for a great chance of networking, building skills, explore new ideas, and to grow personally and professionally.

The Humanistic Elective in Activism, Reflective Transformation, and Integrative Medicine (HEART-IM), will provide twenty-five (25) fourth-year medical students with a unique and rewarding way to conclude their medical school careers and prepare for their future work as healer-physicians.

The AMSA IMG Summer Series provides international medical students with need-to-know information about residency and practice in the U.S. These online conferences bring the experts to you, providing insight on how international medical graduates will be evaluated, best practices for Match prep, Step exam review, interview skills, rotations, and more.

The AMSA Scholars Programs are a training ground for physicians leaders, established by students and for students. Our programs strives to empower physicians-in-training to effect change in medicine and didactic and experiential learning. Each program fosters the value that health care must be patient-centered, effective, safe, equitable, and timely, as identified by the Institute of Medicine.

Leadership Program

Become a Leader

It takes more than medical school to make a physician. Your education is dedicated to teaching you the core aspects of becoming a physician – diagnosing and treating patients. But what about understanding finance, using facilitative communication, mastering delegation techniques? AMSA’s Leadership Program is key in addressing areas of professional development and training not taught in the classroom.

Mentorship Program

Find a Mentor

The AMSA Mentorship Program offers AMSA’s medical student members direct access to practicing physician mentors across the country and from varying backgrounds. These physician mentors are experts in key areas of interest deemed fundamentally important to medical students and will address topics such as preparing for the Match, wellness strategies, career planning, and more.