Building an online community with AMSA Connect

May 12, 2020

Community may look different in the world right now, but it has not been erased. More now than ever, med students need to talk, vent, and connect with both physicians and peers. AMSA members have long asked for ways that we can help them build community with their surrounding schools and chapters and meet physicians who are willing to guide them on their path. 


There’s no better time to build that community than now. Over the past year, we’ve grown our online community AMSA Connect around our Mentorship Program—recruiting physicians, many of whom are former AMSA members themselves, and inviting med student members to find a mentor who suits their needs. You joined AMSA for a reason, and our AMSA Alumni mentors share that common thread that keeps them excited to engage with AMSA— for some, decades after they became physicians and moved on from the organization. They can help you find your perfect place within AMSA as well as advise you on the broader topics of your training. On top of this space to foster mentor-mentee relationships, we are building a place for AMSA members to connect and share experiences with peers near or far. 


This isn’t an online space geared towards intimidation, outperforming the competition, or virtually stacking up to the expectations that abound in medical school. It’s not a forum for showing off scores or an echo chamber perpetuating negativity. It’s a safe space for med students to convene and access expert volunteers who are eager to guide physicians in training.


Become a part of the community, and you can also look forward to upcoming Q&A sessions with experts on timely and important topics.


Ready to join in? Here are the steps if you’re just starting off!


  1. Go to connect.amsa.org
  2. Click “Log In (AMSA Members)” and then click “First-time user or forgot your password?”
  3. Create your password, using the email address on your AMSA Membership as your username. (Note: This login does not currently match your amsa.org login, you are creating a new password)
  4. Return to AMSA Connect and enter your email address and newly created password.
  5. Your med student AMSA membership will be verified and you’ll be ready to participate!


If you’re not yet a member, join AMSA here to participate in AMSA Connect as a benefit of your membership. 

If you’re a physician or expert in the field of medicine or medical education, and you’re interested in mentoring, sign up here!


If you’re a premed, we’re looking into ways to extend the community to our premedical membership. If you’re interested, sign up here to add your support for expanding the community and to be alerted of any changes.