AMSA Mentorship Program

One-on-One Access to Physician-Mentors

Welcome to the AMSA Mentorship Program. We connect student members to physician-mentors across the country who are eager to eager to share their guidance, advice, and personal experiences.

As your education progresses, you must have questions about the day-to-day experiences of a physician. What’s it really like? How do you achieve work-life balance over the long-term? What can you expect in Residency and how do you best prepare? What does it mean to have a career and how do you plan for it?

In the AMSA Mentorship Program, these questions and more are fair game. Through group discussions and one-on-one interactions, you’ll get the chance to learn directly from experienced, practicing physicians in a welcoming, protected environment.

Meet Your Mentors

To join AMSA Connect and find your mentor, click here and complete the following:

  1. Follow the first time user link under Log In “(AMSA Members)”.
  2. Create your password, using the email address on your AMSA Membership as your username.
  3. Return to AMSA Connect and enter your email address and created password.
  4. Your membership will be verified and you’ll be ready to participate!

The AMSA mentorship community is available exclusively to AMSA medical student members (both domestic and international). If you’re not currently a member, join today for access to a community of physician mentors.


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Be a mentor

Would you like to volunteer your time to mentoring future physicians? Just fill out a few things about yourself below, and we’ll send an invitation.

The AMSA Mentorship Program is entirely virtual. Participation as a mentor will entail replying to communications through email or through the AMSA Connect website. Optional participation in or leading of discussion topics is available as well.

  • This email address will receive the invitation to the AMSA Mentorship Program once your request has been reviewed.
  • Ex.: Brief description of experience in admissions/administration, clinical practice, medical education, or other related field.