April 10, 2019

Speaking up for quality, affordable health care for all

Senator Bernie Sanders opened his announcement of the Medicare for All Act of 2019, “Let me be as clear as I can be. Health care is […]
March 6, 2019

What’s causing this patient’s seizures?

Figure 1 Quiz of the Week A 16-year-old male is brought to the emergency department by his father following a generalized tonic-clonic seizure. He has had […]
February 27, 2019

A drinking binge leads to a surgical emergency

Figure 1 Quiz of the Week A 58-year-old male presents to the emergency department with dyspnea, and severe chest pain that radiates to his shoulder. He […]
February 12, 2019

How can medical trainees make medicines more affordable?

Health professionals encounter patients everyday who are unable to afford their medications. It can lead to a feeling of helplessness, for both the health provider and […]