AMSA Leader Spotlight: Thomas Pak

September 10, 2020

Meet Thomas

My name is Thomas Pak, an MD/PhD student and the chair of the Wellness and Student Life Action Committee. As students, it can be difficult to speak up, especially with our financial and time debt. However, I realized a need to advocate for us medical students. We’ve taken this noble and kind path to be physicians, but the medical education system is flawed. Through AMSA, I saw how we could bring change together, through resolutions and legislation advocacy. There is a greater need for medical students to come together in light of COVID-19 and racial injustice. So many people are hurting and scared. I worry about my mom who still has to work cutting stranger’s hair. I worry about her getting COVID-19, I worry about her being a victim of racism. For Asian Americans, hate crimes have increased, fueled by COVID-19 fear. The reality is worse for Black Americans. Through AMSA, I’ve been able to take greater action together with medical students.


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