What is the Wellness & Student Life Action Committee?

The Wellness & Student Life (WSL) Action Committee is dedicated to both trainee wellness and patient wellness through the development of patient-centered care and of supportive educational environments. These goals require an emphasis on patient-centered care over physician-centered care, especially as that care pertains to integrative/complementary/alternative medicine. The WSL committee also advocates for and supports the need for trainees to have regular access to medical humanities to foster healing through understanding, community, creativity, personal reflection, and a connection with humanity.

Our Goals & Getting Engaged

Student Wellness: Define and implement research to determine and address unmet medical and premedical student needs in their educational experiences as it relates to physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.
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Humanism in Medicine: Extend opportunities to physicians-in-training in the development of lifestyles that counter the deleterious effects of stress through creative expression, self-care, balance and holistic goals for personal growth and professional development.

Student Support: Provide student wellness resources that will allow physicians-in-training access to information for their personal growth and well-being. Offering creative outlets where physicians-in-training can express and reflect on their experiences in academic environments, working on the wards and/or engaging in community service.

Student Debt: Advocate for the affordability of medical education and reducing student debt through legislative action and education, as evidenced by legislative changes, favorable debt repayment plans for residents, and increased transparency in medical education tuition costs.

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