Medical Education Team

“Doctor,” comes from the Latin docere, meaning “to teach.” The mission of the Medical Education Team at AMSA is to ensure both undergraduate and graduate medical education are sensitive and responsive to actual health care needs of communities; are more accessible to traditionally underrepresented segments of our society and are affordable for all. We aim to equip our members with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be active participants in shaping medical education that prepares physicians for the healthcare system that is, as well as the one that will be.

GET INVOLVED with our advocacy and activism:

  • Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Education: Learn about privilege, power, and difference and how pipeline programs for underrepresented physicians can be successful and mindful of their communities.
  • Curriculum Reform Initiative: Advocate for improving your education by becoming an activist in your own institution and working with your Curriculum Committees to shape and improve your learning.
  • Financing Medical Education: From student loan reform to increased funding for more residency positions, engage in making sure our communities have enough physicians to care for them.
  • AWARE—A Week of Addiction and Recovery Education: Our collaborative programming with AMSA Community and Public Health, work to foster compassion for substance abuse and mental health issues and reduce stigma in both the profession and public at large.

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