Health Policy Team

We, the next generation of physicians, recognize the need for greater political advocacy from the medical profession and are dedicated to serving patients through health policy reform. Guided by AMSA members’ values, as articulated in our Legislative Agenda, we will empower future physicians to engage their elected officials, their professors, and society-at-large to implement solutions to health care injustices. View our Legislative Agenda here.

AMSA’s Health Policy Home Base

AMSA’s health policy team is made up of a LGBT Policy Coordinator, a Women’s Health policy Coordinator, a Global Health policy Coordinator, a Health Care for All policy Coordinator, and a Medical Education and Professionalism policy Coordinator.  Together the team creates AMSA’s legislative agenda for the year which contains AMSA’s policy goals as they relate to our guiding principles.  Our agenda covers everything from student debt to single payer legislation to appropriations for global health funding.  E-mail the members of the team below if you are interested in getting involved!Stay up to date with the latest in Health Policy Committee actions and events–sign up for our committee list serv!Visit AMSA’s Committee List Serv Page to sign up!


  • Legislative Skills Primer–Find out about the legislative process and ways you can get involved!
  • The Activism Toolbox
    Need help organizing your event and getting the message out to the media? Find how-to guides for any of your advocacy and organizing needs.


View the current Chair and Coordinators on AMSA’s National Leadership page.