Environmental Health Action Committee

The mission of the Environmental Health Action Committee is to establish, promote, and advance the voice and advocacy efforts of medical students fighting for solutions to climate change and the wide variety of environmental and health issues associated with climate change.

Our goals include:

  • Expanding medical education to include the role of climate change in public health
  • Advocating for legislation that promotes federal support to fight against climate change and to develop federal, state and local programs that promote environmental health and sustainability.
  • Promoting individual and community based changes in daily life that improves environmental and personal health.
  • Educating the public on the relation between environmental climate change and personal health by providing access to educational material and actionable activities.

Overall, as AMSA’s newest action committee, we will strive to expand our platform across the nation while also cultivating resources to promote our goals.

Look for more from the Environmental Health Action Committee around Earth Day 2020!

Action Committee Leadership

Susan Zhang
Advocacy Coordinator
Falguni Patel
Programming Coordinator
Shivani Mallela

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