What you may not know about AMSA’s Membership Leaders

September 02, 2021

At this very moment 

Increasingly more medical students across the country are raising their hands to get involved. To find ways to make change. To fix what’s not working in health care.

It is often the role of AMSA Membership Leaders to help pair students with AMSA, offering them a power source that they can plug their lights into — to learn to advocate, lead and prepare for a career in changemaking.

Today, let’s introduce you to a few of these connectors — and explain how this AMSA membership network works, grows and strengthens.

How are we set up? 

We’ve got four levels of membership leaders, structured to best support members that are domestic and international, or in premed and graduate studies.

Let’s dive into each role and introduce you to this year’s Membership Leaders.


Meet the Trustees.

You may have heard their names and know a little about their areas of expertise — but here’s scoop on the Membership Trustees that you may not know. Get to know our Vice President of Membership, International Trustee and Premed Trustee below. These are the ones responsible for strategic oversight, ideation and overall AMSA growth.






About AMSA’s Membership Directors

Two Membership Directors are designated for each category: domestic, international, and premed. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that AMSA is continually evolving, strengthening and supporting growth — by overseeing, monitoring and guiding chapters forward. This year’s Membership Directors are:

Domestic Membership Directors

  • Dalton Sullivan — University of Missouri, Kansas City — US Regions 1 + 2
  • Deepa Kumar — Indiana University US Regions 3 – 5

International Membership Directors

Premed Membership Directors

The Chapter Council — a U.S. pilot this year!

To start, we’re focusing on our domestic action. We’ve got a lot of great chapters eager to share what’s happening on their campuses — and ready to tap into the programs launching at AMSA National. This is where the Council comes in — these five charter members are going to help better merge our worlds together: local to national, and vice versa. Each Councilperson is designated a specific US region of chapters that they can support, listen to and serve relevant opportunities to. We’re excited about this year will bring.

  • Joshua Loughran, George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, DC — Region 1
  • Madiha Khan, New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine Chapter, NY — Region 2
  • Logan Carlyle, Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine, AL — Region 3
  • Osama Kamal, University of Missouri-Kansas City, KS — Region 4
  • Jazmin Sevilla, Meharry  Medical College, TN — Region 5


Putting it all together for Chapter Officers.

At-a-glance titles, roles and geographic focus.