Global Health Action Committee

UPROOT POVERTY! Economic disparities lie at the root of health problems the world over. The staggering poverty that sabotages the households of billions of our fellow humans must be a focus of our advocacy. Including issues like debt relief in our efforts will help to provide our work some measure of sustainability.

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The Global HEALTH Act of 2010

The President’s Global Health Initiative



  • A Student’s Guide to International Health – First-hand information about international experiences and how to set up an elective-from the student perspective.
  • Creative Funding for International Electives – An introduction to traditional and non-traditional fundraising sources for medical students planning international electives. Prepared by the International Health Medical Education Consortium (IHMEC) and AMSA.
  • Bringing International Health Home – Apply international health principles to underserved communities at home
  • Medical Student Activism: A Primer on Domestic and International Tobacco Control – An overview of the domestic and international harms resulting from tobacco use and its promotion by multinational corporations, a timeline of key events and an introduction to available resources.
  • The Global Opportunities Tool (GO Tool) – Discover unique educational and training experiences in reproductive health settings around the world. Any healthcare student interested in broadening their reproductive health training may search the GO Tool for clinical and non-clinical opportunities using an interactive map. Users can share sites via e-mail, write an online review of their experience, and access supplementary travel and funding resources. Organizations can recruit students by listing programs online.


Committee Leadership

Isaiah Cochran
Isaiah Cochran
Global Health Chair
Britney Howard
Britney Howard
Education Coordinator