Preparing students to succeed in medicine today requires a multidisciplinary approach that extends beyond conventional medical courses.

It needs to integrate life experiences; a deeper understanding of academics and clinical training; and opportunities to develop character — a sense of purpose. This ethos is the driving force behind all that we do at AMSA.

Effectively bringing this approach to life requires a collective effort. It involves partners from forward-thinking organizations and businesses from all disciplines, bonded together in creative ways to support, engage and help prepare medical students for what lies ahead.

At AMSA, we approach each partnership with careful consideration, ensuring alignment of goals — yours and ours. A few popular AMSA partnerships are:


Promote your brand

Engage with tomorrow’s medical forerunners in meaningful ways — stemming from a resource they trust. AMSA’s channels, publications and events offer potent advertising and sponsorship opportunities to generate awareness of your brand, services and offerings.

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Join the AMSA Alliance

For organizations deeply committed to supporting medical and premedical students, AMSA offers an opportunity to join an elite network called the AMSA Alliance. Here, forward-thinking nonprofits, companies and institutions can deeply engage with AMSA future physicians in ongoing, creative and impactful ways. 

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Let’s put our heads together — share ideas — strive to help our future physicians succeed. Contact Sandy Fridy at or call (703) 665-4811 to get started.