Incredible things happen when we cross disciplines; when we come together as a collective force to realize change in medicine.

A growing number of organizations join forces with AMSA: medical institutions, businesses and affiliations that look to engage and support our members — tens of thousands of diverse, impassioned future physicians from all walks of life, driven to make a difference in health care. 

These are organizations — likely just like yours — that recognize AMSA members as tomorrow’s medical influencers: the ones who possess the tenacity, drive and commitment to save lives and challenge the status quo. Lead. Advocate. Make change.

By working together, collectively — AMSA and allied organizations and businesses — our efforts are strengthened exponentially. Ideas are hatched. Creative alliances are forged that benefit medical students and our partners, while creating lasting change. 

Seven decades of AMSA-activism
underscore this very point.

Together with allied organizations, institutions and businesses who share common goals — we’re changing health care in meaningful, effective ways, as an inspired, cross-disciplinary collective.

We’re an inspired, growing collective.
Are you one of us?

There are many ways to get involved — these are some of our popular opportunities.
Let’s connect, we’d love to hear about your goals and
see what we can dream up together.


Promote your brand

Engage with tomorrow’s medical forerunners in meaningful ways — stemming from a resource they trust. AMSA’s channels, publications and events offer potent advertising and sponsorship opportunities to generate awareness of your brand, services and offerings.

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Join the AMSA Alliance

For organizations deeply committed to supporting medical and premedical students, AMSA offers an opportunity to join an elite network called the AMSA Alliance. Here, forward-thinking nonprofits, companies and institutions can deeply engage with AMSA future physicians in ongoing, creative and impactful ways. 

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Partner with us in targeted ways

Forward-thinking organizations and businesses partner with AMSA in creative partnerships that offer benefits to our members, institutional packages to incoming classes, or project collaborations where we co-create content, curricula and more. 

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Let’s put our heads together — share ideas — strive to help our future physicians succeed. Contact Sandy Fridy at or call (703) 665-4811 to get started.