We need to stop making this public health emergency political

April 23, 2020

Op-ed written by Mackenzie Carlson and Jane Salutz and published in KevinMD.com 4/23/2020.  Mackenzie and Jane are medical students in Wisconsin, Mackenzie is AMSA National Secretary, Jane is AMSA Region 2 Director.


What a bag of mixed emotions these last few months have been in the face of COVID-19. I’ve watched my community doubt the seriousness of COVID as it reached the U.S., been pulled from my clinical rotations and stood in solidarity with other medical students as we brainstorm how to serve our community in this trying time, celebrated with my colleagues as we called for social distancing and effectively flattened our curve. Maybe it was easier at first, as this was all new, but as things got more serious and our numbers continued to climb, something changed. And not in the way you’d hope—instead of extra precautions as COVID spread, people started to get angry and push back against the very recommendations meant to keep them safe. READ the full op-ed on KevinMD.com