Therapy as a long-lasting New Year’s Resolution- by BetterHelp

January 30, 2023

Did you know that 80% of all resolutions fail (Source: PsychologyToday). The beginning of a new year invigorates people, including those in the medical field, to make positive change in their lives and the lives of those we serve and care for. We set out with the best of intentions on January first, but many of us end up feeling frustrated because we can’t stick to the positive changes we wish to make.

That’s because most resolutions don’t stick. A minor setback can feel like we’ve “failed” at achieving our resolution and cause us to abandon it. We also try to take on too many resolutions at once. There’s often little social support that comes along with our efforts – we feel like we have to achieve our goals by ourselves.

This year, BetterHelp says skip the resolutions and do something that will bring about real change in your life – therapy. Whether you want to make specific improvements to your mental health, understand yourself on a deeper level, or just generally want to improve your mental fortitude, therapy is a great way to bring about change. Online therapy might even be a better option for the AMSA community. No more driving to and from appointments and squeezing something else into your calendar. You can get professional therapy on your terms: schedule a phone, video, or live chat session on days and times that work for you. Plus, leverage messaging with your therapist to get support on the go, when you need it. Visit www.betterhelp.com/amsa and get 1 month of free therapy ($300 value).