AMSA Takes a Deeper Look into Conflicts of Interest as It Relates to Health Policy

October 15, 2018
United States Capitol

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AMSA Takes a Deeper Look into Conflicts of Interest as It Relates to Health Policy

Sterling, Va., October 15, 2018Due to the changing landscape of conflicts of interest, it is crucial that we address the overreaching pharmaceutical influence in important sectors such as health policy. For this reason, AMSA will be transitioning the focus for the AMSA Scorecard from medical education to Congress.

We are currently in the process of developing a Congressional Scorecard to understand how conflicts of interest in politics influence health policy and access to medicines. Though the AMSA Scorecard will no longer evaluate the conflict of interest policies in medical training, AMSA commends the medicals schools that have demonstrated excellent conflict of interest policies. We continue to encourage institutions to maintain and strive for high standards for medical education without the interference of financial interests and biases in all clinical and nonclinical settings.


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