AMSA Statement on Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

October 09, 2020
Media Contact
Pete Thomson
Chief Communications Officer
American Medical Student Association
Email: pr@amsa.org

McLean, Va., October 9, 2020:

On September 4, 2020, both the president of the United States and the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued new guidelines that would effectively stop all federal trainings on race and sex stereotyping, including education on unconscious bias and racial sensitivity. 


These trainings are part of a broader effort to help change the health care system and eliminate disparities in medical care, helping to bring awareness of potential biases or racist attitudes that might shape how health professionals interact with their patients. These trainings are not a solution but represent a component of the introspective process needed to combat ongoing discrimination. Elimination of these trainings at the federal level weakens the government’s ability to address issues of systemic racism and sexism by reducing opportunities for individuals in government employment to exercise introspection and learn about issues that they might not be aware of. Issues cannot be addressed if people are not aware that they exist in the first place, and government policies to fight health disparities cannot be made without acknowledgement of these issues.  


The American Medical Student Association strongly opposes this executive order and OMB memorandum on federal trainings on race and sex stereotyping, as well as any other policies that hamper offices of minority health, offices of diversity and inclusion, and other federal institutional or agency efforts addressing race, sex, gender, and other discriminatory issues.


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