AMSA Launches New Reproductive Health Project

November 20, 2019

Media Contact
Pete Thomson
Chief Communications Officer
American Medical Student Association
Email: pr@amsa.org

McLean, Va., Nov. 19, 2019: AMSA enters the reproductive health justice space with a year-long project aimed towards cultivating a diverse physician workforce that is highly skilled and culturally competent, prepared to provide abortion services to all who need them.

AMSA believes reproductive health services are essential to comprehensive health care and we support full access to the entire range of reproductive services. We believe all women have the right to legal, safe, voluntary abortions and that both UME (medical school) and GME (residency – especially family medicine and obstetrics/gynecology) programs should offer abortion education and training.

The AMSA Reproductive Health Project will work with AMSA members, chapters, alumni, and allies to advance these beliefs and ensure a diverse physician workforce that includes highly skilled, culturally competent physicians prepared to provide abortion services to all the women who need them, in whatever setting they work in.

During 2019-2020 AMSA will support a number of clinical skills, advocacy training, issue education, and local action opportunities. Scholarships for research poster presentations are available, as well as grants for AMSA Chapters to support local activities and educational opportunities. 

The AMSA Reproductive Health Project staff are Becky Martin, AMSA Senior Manager of Education & Advocacy, Sara Maria Jensen, AMSA Reproductive Health Fellow, and Aliye Runyan, M.D., AMSA Reproductive Health Strategist. 

Learn more about this new project at AMSA Reproductive Health Project at https://www.amsa.org/amsa-reproductive-health-project/.


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