AMOpportunities  Forges Landmark Partnership with American Medical Student Association

June 23, 2020
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AMOpportunities Forges Landmark Partnership 

with American Medical Student Association 

AMOpportunities will now offer rotations to U.S. premed and medical students as a premier partner of AMSA.  


CHICAGO, June 23, 2020 –  


Since its founding in 2013, AMOpportunities has focused on providing U.S. clinical experiences to international medical students and graduates. Partnering with the American Medical Student Association—the largest independent association of physicians-in-training in the U.S.—will make this their first foray into expanding rotations for U.S. premed and medical students.   


“AMOpportunities has always been an advocate for increasing access to medical trainees all around the globe,” says AMOpportunities CEO Kyle Swinsky. “We believe equal access to education is a key tenet in improving healthcare outcomes and training the next generation of physicians.” 


This partnership will allow AMOpportunities to provide AMSA’s students and members their clinical training. AMOpportunities will offer their rotations on AMSA’s website, giving their members easy access to their 200-plus clinical sites. AMOpportunities will also interact on site and arrange presentations to members and nonmembers.  


The U.S. will see a shortage of up to nearly 122,000 physicians by 2032, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges. Both international and U.S. medical students need clinical rotations to graduate and match into U.S. residency programs. These students are a critical answer to our impending shortage. Clinical rotations through AMOpportunities provide those students with the experience they need and generate revenue for hospitals and training sites. 

Get started with AMOpportunities as an AMSA member here. 




About AMOpportunities, Inc.  

AMOpportunities is a platform that connects healthcare trainees around the globe with U.S. clinical training experiences. We provide resources to clinical sites that enable them to manage and monetize clinical training for visiting trainees while offering these trainees a marketplace to find the experiences they need to further their medical education and career. Global healthcare shortages necessitate an increase in medical training, which is best solved through the globalization of clinical experiences. More information at www.amopportunities.org. 


About AMSA 

AMSA envisions a world where health care is accessible, medicine is affordable, and systems support the diversity around us. Seventy years strong, with roughly 30,000 active members all across the globe, AMSA is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students. AMSA offers students what many medical schools don’t provide: the vital skills needed to lead and listen; and a safe place to explore, reflect, and become the kind of physician who thinks beyond drugs and diagnoses. The kind of physician who makes a difference. More information at https://www.amsa.org/

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