Sierra Smith

Course Director, Public Health

Sierra Smith is a fourth-year medical student at Trinity School of Medicine. She is originally from Alexandria, Virginia. Sierra received her Bachelor of Art’s degree in Philosophy with minors in Music and Chemistry from Wake Forest University.

Sierra is delighted about the opportunity to serve as a course director for the Public Health Scholars Program. Sierra has been involved with AMSA since joining in 2019. In 2021, Sierra chartered a new chapter of AMSA and served as the President of her local AMSA chapter. Sierra enjoys staying engaged with her local community through volunteering and outreach events. Sierra is passionate about working with underserved communities to work towards eliminating healthcare disparities, especially in marginalized patient populations. Sierra has research interests in healthcare access and public health advocacy.

Sierra’s medical interests include reproductive health, patient education, and lifestyle & preventative medicine. Outside of medicine, Sierra’s hobbies include gardening, cooking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.